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    From the Publisher: “Pure Fascination. A true Paradigm Shift. Revolutionary Science.                                  The following excerpts are from Chapter 1:“Some ancient Egyptian artifacts made with very hard stone, like diorite and quartzite, defy reproduction when modern steel hand tools are used. Nonetheless, many thousands of such artifacts were...

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    From the Publisher: Challenges the scientific theories on the establishment of civilization and technology.  • Contains 42 essays by 17 key thinkers in the fields of alternative science and history, including Christopher Dunn, Frank Joseph, Will Hart, Rand Flem-Ath, and Moira Timms

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    From the Publisher: The Egyptologist acclaimed for re-dating the Great Sphinx at Giza sets his sights on one of the true mysteries of antiquity: the Great Pyramid of Giza. What is the Great Pyramid of Giza? Ask that basic question of a traditional Egyptologist, and you get the basic, traditional answer: a fancy tombstone for a self-important pharaoh of...

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    Twenty-two years before Technology of the Gods... Seventeen years before Fingerprints of the Gods... Fifteen years before Forbidden Archaeology... ...there was Worlds Before Our Own, Brad Steiger's groundbreaking argument for the existence of a global prehistoric civilization. The evidence Steiger had amassed for such a claim was based primarily upon...

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Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items