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The Phoenix Lights - Book + DVD

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On March 13, 1997 a parade of low flying, mile wide V-shaped arrays of orbs & craft glided silently overhead, attracting the attention of at leas 10,000 people. This is the detailed account of that evening & the ensuing cover up of what is now being hailed as the largest mass sighting of UFOs in modern times - but there is much more to the story.

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Based on the best-selling Book, The Phoenix Lights...A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone, the documentary has won over a dozen Film Festival awards and offers the compelling testimony of over 30 credible eyewitnesses, children, scientists, military, pilots, and experts, who discuss the reality of these mysterious global visitations, plus NEW in-depth BONUS FEATURES:

o Former Arizona governor Fife Symington discloses that he witnessed the event and it wasn't military.
o Astronaut and moon walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D. confirms that these unexplained phenomena are real and addresses the UFO cover-up.
o A commercial and Vietnam pilot witnessed the silent, mile-wide craft glide above his head and confirms that the Phoenix Lights were definitely not flares.
o A veteran 911 Phoenix police operator tells all about that fateful night.
o Coincidences of March 13th 1997 are discussed.
o WWII French Air Force pilot describes his FOO fighter experience.
o NASA footage capturing these phenomena in space.
o Spectacular August 30, 2005 and 2006 sightings.
o The making of the Phoenix Lights Documentary.
o Dr. Lynne's unique photographic collection of the Phoenix Lights phenomena.
o 3-D computerized images of the multiple Phoenix Lights craft, plus the Phoenix Starship Universal Peace Emblem.