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2012 Symposium Proceedings
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This is the official 2012 Symposium Proceedings Volume

Nick Pope: First Contact: An Invitation to Join the Galactic Federation, or War of the Worlds?
T.L.Keller: Extraterrestrials: Friends or Foes? Or...Trading Partners?
Kathleen Marden: Fire in The Sky Then and Now: An Update
George Filer: They Came to Earth Thousands of Years Ago....They are still with us....
Thomas Reed: UFO: Friend or Foe?
Donald Schmitt: The Balloon from Roswell Which Caused a Panic in Pentagon
Stanton Friedman: Aliens: Love them or Hate them?
Proceedings bundle 2012,2013
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It is a compendium of all of the Symposium Presentations.

2012, August 2-5 Cincinnati, OH
Featuring: Nick Pope, T.L.Keller, Geraldine Stith, Travis Walton, Kathleen Marden, George Filer, Thomas Reed, Donald Schmidt, Stanton Friedman

2013, July 18-21, Las Vegas, NV
Featuring: Ted Peters, Albert A. Harrison, Robert Powell, Ron Westrum, Dr. Steven Greer, David Jacobs, Don Donderi, Paola Leopizzi Harris, Eric Davis, Debbie Ziegelmeyer

Proceedings bundle -2010,2011,2012
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George Filer:
Personal UFO Encounters while in the Air Force Linda Moulton Howe & John Burroughs: Update December 1980 FRA Bentwaters; Telepathic Lights Marc D'Antonio: Drawn in Stone - Cosmic Hints of the Petroglyphs Kathleen Marden: The Conundrum of Alien Abduction Richard Dolan: A.D. (After Disclosure) Outlining the Contours of Our Society After the Great Change Nick Redfern: Mysterious Landscape; A Personal Investigation of the Crop Circle Phenomenon John Greenewald: UFO's - 101 Kevin Randle: Len Stringfield and Crash Retrieval History Donald Schmitt: Roswell On Trial; Witnesses Speak out Michael Schratt: Bombshell UFO Case Files Revealed

George Filer: Mars the Living Planet Linda Moulton Howe: E.T.s, Time Travelers and Self-Activating Machines Jim Sparks: E.T.s: Time Travel Is a Fact Paul LaViolette: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: The B-2, Project Skyvault, and Superluminal Spacetravel Dr. Tom Alexander: The Federal Government and Military Response to ET Contact John Greenewald, Jr.: Master of Ceremonies Barbara Lamb: Are Human-ET Hybrids In Our Future?
Joe McMoneagle: How will full contact impact on our Science and Society? Richard Dolan: A Secret Space Program: From Rumor to Reality to After Disclosure Stanton Friedman: Are We Ready for Alien Contact?
Ted Loder: ET Contact: The Implications for Post Contact Advancements in Science and Technology Ted Peters: Will ETI Contact Put an End to our World’s Religions?

Proceedings bundle 2014,2015
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2015 Symposium featured outstanding speakers from academia, industry and the media from around the world sharing their insights on UFOs and what they mean for mankind. It took place in Irvine, CA.


Paul Hellyer, Former Defense Minister of Canada; Nancy du Tertre, Attorney; Greg Meholic, The Aerospace Corporation; Robert Schroeder, Physicist; Jamie Maussan, TV Journalist; Aaron Judkins, Archaeologist; Marc D'Antonio, CEO FX Special Effects; Cheryl Jones, Former CNN News Anchor; Stanton Friedman, Nuclear Physicist; Preston Dennett, UFO Researcher; Linda Zimmerman, Hudson Valley UFO Researcher; John Greenewald, Host: and TV producer

2014 Symposium theme was "UFOs and the Media" and it was held in Cherry Hills, NJ.


George Knapp, Area 51 Whistle-blower, 25 year later; Lee Spiegel, From Cave Walls To Modern Reports To The United Nations and The Internet ; John Ventre, Anderson Cooper and the Case for UFOs; Dr. Lynn Kitei, Beyond the Phoenix Lights; James Fox, UFO Film Making: Inside Scoop; Stephen Bassett, Exopolitics; Ben Hansen, Media, Technology and Belief; Bill Birnes, UFO Hunters; Linda Moulton Howe, 10,000 B.C. Gobekli Tepe, Stone Circles and E.T.Terraforming?; Stanton Friedman, Press Coverage of Flying Saucers; Paul Villadolid presented on Hangar 1, not included in the Proceedings