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MUFON 2008 International UFO Symposium Proceedings "UFOs - A Worldwide Phenomenon"
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Nick Pope: Britain's X-Files
Leslie Kean: An inside look at the November, 2007 International Press Conference and at the latest developments in the NASA lawsuit

Wilfried De Brouwer: A UFO Wave over Belgium
Dr. Richard Haines: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and Aviation Safety
Don Ledger: Pilots Encounters over Canada
Farah Yurdozu: Historic and Current UFO Cases in Turkey
Jeronimo Flores and Victor Camacho: The Latest UFO Investigations in Mexico
Ted Roe: Resolving the Current Under-Reporting Bias of Pilots
Dr. Anthony Choy: Extraordinary Videos of UFOs in Peru
Larry Lemke: Flying Disc Creates Hole in the Cloud at O'Hare Airport
George Knapp: Science Confronts Unexplained Events at the Skinwalker Ranch
John Greenwald: Host of the