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2007 Symposium Proceedings
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2007: "An Estimate of the Situation: The ET Hypothesis"


Stanton Friedman - 60 Years of Roswell
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident. As the original researcher on the Roswell crash, please join Stan in an engaging presentation of what 60 years of research and investigation has uncovered.

Timothy Good - UFOs and Military Intelligence
Timothy is the author of many UFO books including Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up  and Beyond Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Security Threat. Timothy’s presentation is an exposé of the greatest secret on earth – the military and intelligence reports that prove UFOs exist and that UFOs remain a key military and intelligence problem – one demanding unprecedented security and deception.

Richard Dolan - The ET Presence on Earth
Richard’s follows up on his groundbreaking book UFOs and National Security with a closer look at the UFO cover-up and the implications of an ET presence on planet Earth. You will not want to miss this insightful and provocative talk from one of Ufology’s best.

Dr. Rudy Schild -  University Response to UFOs
Harvard professor of Astrophysical Research and a good friend of the late Professor John Mack. Dr. Schild's has a unique ability to explain deep, current scientific theories in simple language.
Join Dr. Schild as he details his perspective on why a gap exists between mainstream science and Ufology.

Kathleen Marden - New Betty and Barney Hill Evidence
     Kathleen was thirteen when on September 20, 1961, Betty Hill, Kathleen’ aunt,  phoned her to report that, the previous evening, she and Barney had encountered a flying saucer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  A primary witness to the evidence of the UFO encounter and the aftermath, Kathleen has intimate knowledge of the Hill’s biographical histories, personalities, and the never before published historical data pertaining to their sensational story.

Michael Nelson -  Portage Ohio Case – New Evidence
On April 17, 1966 two Portage, Ohio police deputies chased a UFO for 86 miles across four counties and two states. Ridiculed by the Air Force, these deputies conducted their own investigation of the incident. Their investigation remained hidden for years until Michael, a Portage, Ohio deputy himself, uncovered the case file when cleaning out cold cases from the evidence room.  This prompted Michael to conduct his own investigation which revealed some startling new facts including new physical evidence.

Sam Maranto - O’Hare and Tinley Park Sightings
Sam is the MUFON Illinois State Director and is the lead investigator on both the November 2006 sighting of a UFO over O’Hare Airport as well as the sightings of UFOs over Tinley Park, Illinois. Sam will detail what these investigations have uncovered to date.

Brad Sparks/Barry Greenwood - New Revelations on MJ12
The world of Ufology was turned upside down in 1984 when documents released allegedly by government insiders, detailed Operation Majestic-12, a secret organization founded in 1947 at the recommendation of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board. The goal of the group was to exploit everything they could from recovered alien/UFO technology. Brad and Barry will reveal new evidence that will call into question the very existence of Operation Majestic 12.

Robert Salas - Malmstrom Air Force Base Case
In 1967, Robert was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC) at a Minuteman Launch Control Facility (LCF) and was a first hand witness to UFOs overflying the base  and the subsequent shut down by these UFOS of the entire nuclear missile battery. Hear his riveting account of this unprecedented and officially documented event.