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2005 Symposium Proceedings
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2005 MUFON International UFO Symposium Proceedings Abstracts
Scott Ramsey – “The Aztec Incident Revisited.”

The landing and recovery of an extraterrestrial craft near Aztec, New Mexico has been a controversy for nearly 58 years within the UFO community. The story at first reported by writer Frank Scully, appears in 1950 in his book Behind the Flying Saucers. This was the first hard cover book ever published on flying saucers for people wanting to know more about the subject that was relatively new to the America public. This article will look at the original dates, witnesses, claims of technology, and people involved, to present to you the facts known to this point.

Phyllis Budinger – “A Search for the Physical Evidence: Abductions.”

Extensive chemical analyses of physical traces from two well-known abduction events have been done. The physical traces are from an old encounter – the dress Betty Hill wore on the night of her abduction, and from a recent, ongoing series of events – material found in the hand of Stan Romanek after one strange episode. These analyses were done using state-of-the-art technology. The power of the analytical techniques and approach employed is emphasized. The results of the analyses are presented. These results will show something unusual happened to these people.

Roger Leir, MD – “2005 – The Newest Scientific Information in Non-Terrestrial Implant and Physical Evidence Research.”

The subject of UFOs and their occupants has turned the corner in that those who once questioned even the existence of these vehicles are now looking at the occupants and their reasons for visitation. It is also widely accepted by those of us in this area of research that there is seemingly an active campaign by non-terrestrial intelligences that abduct human beings for some purpose not fully understood by most researchers. We all have the scientific right to theorize but to follow the scientific method, we need to bring our theories into a laboratory setting and either prove or disprove their validity. Therefore, I must emphasize that in my opinion this has not been done so far by many researchers in this field. Perhaps this criticism may be harsh but it is truly my belief. I would also like to add that in my opinion the recipients of this untested information should run from the comments of any researcher who claims to have all the answers. During the past years I have expended a great deal of my time and personal money in trying to scientifically approach questions pertaining to Alien Abduction and Implants. This paper will discuss some of these efforts and conclusions to date.

Esen Sekerkarar – “Best Evidence from Turkey.”

There is no question that the history of the UFO sightings and the ET visitations are as old as the history of our planet. As the technology develops, we have the chance to put this reality on scientific foundations such as photographs, video footage, computer analysis and other data received from case studies. Just like the rest of the world, UFO sightings, ET encounters and abductions take place in Turkey. However, being a young “republic,” the history of the sightings and the UFO organizations differ from the ones in the United States. First-hand pilot reports, police footage and the involvement of the professional community are described in this paper.

Richard Dolan – “How UFO Secrecy has Damaged Modern Science and Society.”

Since 1947, the UFO phenomenon has consistently been disparaged by two leading institutions of American culture: what we may call mainstream media and the world of academia. The few exceptions to this have served primarily to puncture an otherwise wholesale uniformity of rejection. What does it say about one’s academic institutions, for example, when a reality of major importance is denied systematically for generations on end? What does it say about the nature one’s news media institutions when coverage of this phenomenon is typically restricted either to cultural jokes or at best shallow “what if they are out there” questions?
It appears nearly certain that UFO reality has involved the creation of a massive “black” infrastructure within and around the U.S. defense community. It appears likely that the money involved in the so-called “black budget” runs in the trillions – not billions of dollars, and that at least a significant portion of this money has gone into what we may call “classified ufological studies and activities.” Dolan agrees that the lies necessary to maintain UFO secrecy have more to do with the development and maintenance of privately held power than with public policy, and that the necessary manipulation of major media nodes and academic culture in general have crippled these institutions from being what most people have expected them to be.

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. – “My Vision for the Third Millennium.”

As one who has had the privilege of looking at this magnificent but fragile planet from afar, indeed, has been privileged to represent humanity in the exploration of our nearest planetary neighbor, I feel a strong obligation to share with all my earthbound neighbors the lessons I have learned from experience and the years that followed it.

Stanton Friedman – “Government UFO Lies.”

For almost 60 years the public has been hearing about flying saucers and then UFOs. Press coverage has ebbed and flowed, but polls have always shown a very high awareness score. Motion pictures, tabloids, and TV programs have picked up the slack with a mélange of fiction and some truth. Unfortunately, much of what we have been told by the “powers to be” has been false. Many different government agencies have shared in the misrepresentation and have provided outright LIES as well. These include the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, United States Air Force, etc. The press and certain other academic and supposedly scientific groups, such as SETI have often blindly accepted and promulgated nonsense without any effort to get at truth. Hopefully, the LIES presented in this paper will help cause these protectors of the public to do their jobs: seek and present truth.

Claude Swanson, Ph.D. – “The Rediscovery of Magic.”

Paranormal phenomena are often associated with UFO or ET contact experiences. These may include levitation by craft or occupants, telepathy, out-of-body experiences frequently associated with abductions, and psychokinesis or PK. Recent advances in parapsychology have made it possible to demonstrate and replicate some of these phenomena to rigorous scientific standards in the laboratory. The Princeton PEAR Lab, among others, has established the scientific reality of ESP, PK and Remote Viewing. These forces behave unlike anything known to science: They do not weaken with distance, they penetrate all barriers, and they can move forward and backward through time. Measurements have been made demonstrating the external reality of the “astral body” during OBE and Remote Viewing experiments. Scientists have learned to produce and accumulate subtle energy, also known as “chi,” which is the key to paranormal phenomena and which enhances the interaction between consciousness and matter. This may be the clue to how some of the “magic” of ancient times functioned. A new scientific revolution is underway. It will lead to a deeper understanding of UFOs and the contact phenomenon. It will expand the current scientific paradigm to include the paranormal, subtle energy, consciousness and spirit.

R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. – “The ET Presence: Cons and Pros.”

This paper describes the “Cons” as the “confidence” people who try to con us into discounting or denying the ET Presence and the “Pros” as the “professional” people who profess the reality of the ET Presence. This paper then refers to the evidence of UFO activity and ET encounters that support the thesis that ETs have herded us throughout human history. Further, it raises the question: Are we humans former ETs whose souls have accepted the challenge – or chore – of living in a human body on Planet Earth?

Elaine Douglass – “Invisible UFOs: Case Reports and Videos Suggest Reality.”

This paper presents sighting reports, witness testimony, and a video, which combine to suggest that alien aircraft have the capability to become invisible. This paper examines reports dating from World War II to the present, which illustrate invisibility to radar, optical invisibility, and directional optical invisibility according to the angle of the observation. The paper also considers events associated with chemtrails and cattle mutilations, as well as abductee reports in which invisibility is inferred. In addition, the paper discusses a video, the 1989 Durea sequence, which portrays a craft transitioning into and out of an optically invisible state. The Durea sequence video will be shown with the spoken presentation of this paper at the 2005 MUFON Symposium. Finally, the paper examines a proposed technical mechanism to account for UFO invisibility, the bending of light in a gravitational field.

Alan C. Holt – “Prospects for Breakthroughs in Deep Space Transportation.”

Almost 60 years of research by many individuals and organizations have demonstrated that many Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (AAP) involve the occurrence, and/or use, of very advanced physics and technology, especially in new forms of aerial and space transport. In many cases, the physics and technology appears to be so advanced and unique that it will likely require us to greatly broaden our understanding of the physics of the universe, as well as our understanding of what we call matter and consciousness. AAP data which appears to provide the greatest insight into this new “multi-verse” physics and technology are briefly described and summarized. These anomalous effects can be studied in an integrated way to gain new insights, clues and technology/material innovations which can aid us in the development of highly advanced space transports.

Paola Harris – “Connecting the Dots: An International Perspective.”

International Journalist Researcher Paola Leopizza Harris will discuss how the Italian media, newspapers, TV, magazines handle the coverage of UFO related events. She will cover several of the most notable cases including the visits of Colonel Phillip Corso to Italy, the disclosure efforts of Monsignore Corrado Balducci and this year’s Italian coverage of the Travis Walton story on major prime time TV. From her early work with Dr. J. Allen Hynek to her current occupation of bringing researchers to Italy through Starworks Italia, Ms. Harris will explain the great importance of networking information worldwide to prepare humanity for disclosure.

Contributed Paper
Joan Woodward – “Animal Reactions to UFOs: A Preliminary Investigation from the Animal’s Perspective.”

Animal reactions are sometimes presented as further evidence of the reality of UFOs. In 1965, The UFO Investigator states, “All [these animals] saw something new and strange. Not being affected by official denials, they reacted normally – from fear.” The article goes on to say “The UFO-animals reports, therefore, should not be neglected. They are proof the UFOs do exist.”