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2003 Symposium Proceedings
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2003: "The UFO Continuum: Past, Present, Future"


David Walks-As-Bear - "The 50 th Anniversary of the Kinross Incident .. And Still No Golden Answer to the Question?"

No abstract

Ted St. Rain - "Enigmatic Mysteries and Anomalous Artifacts of North America: A Connection to the Ancient Past"

There are many people today who take a great interest in our past and our history as a civilization. The planet on which we live has a number of mysterious and often enigmatic remnants of previous greatness that continue to baffle many scientists and archaeologists. There is a recurring theme that many of the ancient relics have in common, that of being of such unwieldy proportions or sophistication, it is hard to believe that primitive human hands alone could have fashioned them. People travel all over the world to visit places such as these, and yet some of the most perplexing, enigmatic and profound artifacts and structures have been found right here in North America. It is unfortunate that few people outside of certain circles have heard of these incredible archaeological finds. Take for instance pre-historic mines near Lake Superior, where up to 500,000 million pounds of copper had been removed by unknown hands; or an Egyptian-like mummy case that would have held a giant 12 foot skeleton found in Arizona in 1891, had its bones not turned to dust; or a hinged 'silver bell' with enigmatic writing blasted from 15 feet below the surface in 1851; or a 36-inch tall mummified adult 'human' found in a case in Montana in 1932; or human teeth found in lumps of coal in 100,000 million-year old strata; or sandaled human footprints discovered in Precambrian rock dated to at least 280 million years old. Were any of these anomalies the result of extraterrestrial visitations in our distant past? This paper, and accompanying lecture, will present evidence supporting the notion that there may have been 'others' who have come before us. 'Others' who have either left, died out, or have returned from elsewhere, as the modern UFO phenomenon. Come explore all of this and more in this exciting and informative expose.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee - "Even More Remarkable"

The February 28 th , 1904 sighting, by witnesses aboard the U.S.S. Supply, of three bright objects moving rapidly through the sky is compared with what would be expected if they had been meteors. Information provided by the Monthly Weather Review and by the ship's log is compared with theoretical expectations for meteors. This comparison indicates that the objects were not meteors because they (a) were too close to the earth (about a mile high or less), (b) made a large change in flight direction, and (c) were seen for too long for the amount of sky traversed.

Dan Wright - "The Marian Visitations: Miracles, Hoaxes, or Alien Encounters?"

The focal events in Roman Catholic lore over the past 500 years are accepted among the faithful as appearances by the mother of Jesus Christ to ordinary individuals. The paper examines the evidence supporting claims of the miraculous near Mexico City (1531), Lourdes, France (1858) and Fatima, Portugal (1917). Certain descriptive elements in American close-encounter UFO cases in the second half of the twentieth century are offered for comparison.

Jim Hickman - "The Back Roads of the Universe"

No abstract

Stanton T. Friedman - "Critiquing the Roswell Critics"

It has been 25 years since I began the civilian investigation of the Roswell Incident involving the recovery by the United States Government of the wreckage of a crashed flying saucer and it's alien occupants near Roswell, New Mexico, (and another one in the Plains of San Augustin at the same time) in early July, 1947. Because o all the media attention, documentaries, books, papers, TV programs, videos, motion pictures, etc., Roswell has become a household name symbolizing flying saucer. Along with the trickle of investigation by serious researcher, there has been a flood of criticism of every aspect of the Roswell story. Unfortunately, the critics almost always follow the 4 basic rules of debunkers:

 What the public doesn't know, I am not going to tell them.

 Don't' bother me with facts, my mind is made up.

 If you can't attack the date, attack the people.

 Do your research by proclamation, investigation is too much trouble.

It seems past time to shine the light of reason on the multitude of attacks, especially when they come from the hallowed halls of academia. Fancy footnoted language is no substitute for careful in-depth investigation. A crashed saucer (actually 2) really was recovered near Roswell. The criticisms do NOT stand up to detailed evaluation.

John Greenewald, Jr. - "It Never Stopped"

No abstract

Neil Freer - "The Alien Influence: An Expanded Perspective"

No abstract

W. C. Levengood - "Multiple Anomalies Within Crop Formations"

The crop formations discussed here, were selected because they have very unusual "super-anomalous" aspects. In every case they have presented a real challenge, not only to understand the mechanisms involved in their formation, but also how they interface with other physical and biochemical alterations within the same crop formation plants. Most of the puzzling questions related to the formation mechanisms occurring within these super-anomalies involved months and even years of study. In the final analysis, it became clear that, as with the more frequently observed alterations in crop formations, their complex energies could be explained by utilizing the general concept of interacting, ion plasma vortices.

Linda Moulton Howe - "Field Research of Mysterious Lights Reported in Norway and Brazil"

No abstract

Jon Nowinski - "Big Media and Little Green Men"

UFO investigators often ridicule the mainstream media for not being more involved in the UFO Continuum, however, that is not the case. In fact within the last decade mainstream media outlets have become more open than ever to the notion that UFOs may exist. From the famous headline in the Roswell Daily Record to the 1997 broadcast of a UFO sighting in Arizona to the recent UFO intrusions over Washington, DC, the media has shown that it is not only involved but also interested. This presentation will show points that prove the media's continued interest past, present, and future - as well as bringing forward the thoughts of some media personalities on the UFO issue.