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CLEARANCE 2009 Speaker Panel 2009 DVD: Reflections and Q & A Session with 2009 Symposium Speakers
Our Price: $5.50

This DVD contains the question and answer session and the ensuing discussions with the 2009 Symposium speakers with participation of audience members. DVD Approx. 30 Min
Very LIMITED quantities, will ship media mail, about 10 days
James Carrion 2009 DVD: New Research Avenues for Ufology. 2009 Symposium Presentation
Our Price: $7.50

UFOs are the greatest mystery of our time. The passion, or dare say we the obsession, to find the truth and solve this mystery has consumed many notable people in the history of Ufology. From freedom of information requests to hacking into government computers systems, the relentless drive of truth seekers in search of the holy grail of Ufology has led to small successes but more often than not, frustration and heartbreak. It is time for a new generation of researchers to pick up the gauntlet and to forge ahead where these courageous souls left off. James suggests new lines of research to be explored by those who are up to the challenge. DVD Approx. 75 Min
CLEARANCE Kevin D. Randle 2009 DVD: Bringing the Scientific Method to the Study of UFOs. 2009 Symposium Presentation
Our Price: $7.50

Since the beginning of the modern UFO era in 1947 we have been searching for legitimacy in a variety of arenas and have failed to achieve it. We have been criticized for a lack of standards, a lack of investigative skills and a failure to understand the scientific method. As we move through the 21st century, it is time for us to study all this and to improve our standards. DVD Approx. 75 Min.
Very LIMITED quantities, will ship media mail, about 10 days