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Becoming an actual field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network starts with our field investigators training guide. With this important information, you'll learn everything you need to know to become one of the many UFO investigators that work with us. Once you become an investigator, you'll be able to efficiently research UFOs and aliens, as well as help people understand the latest UFO sightings reported in your area.

In addition to providing the field investigator's training guide, we also offer a test to make your position official. You can take this test online and then become a member of one of the most elite teams of UFO investigators out there. Our organization is very respected and knows what it takes to properly investigate the latest UFO sightings. Take a look at our physical and digital options, read about the excellent field guide training information, and start learning all about UFOs and aliens today.

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Field Investigator DVD training series (Orlando 2016)
Our Price: $89.00

Set of 9 DVDs from the Field Investigator Training from The 47th Annual Symposium in Orlando, FL (August 25, 2016)

Ken St. John - Social Styles Part 1-3
Chase Kloetzke - Interviewing Skills Part 1-2
Robert Spearing - Orbs and Chinese Lanterns
Marc d'Antonio - Photo Analysis Part 1-3

This set also includes FI Training Student Guide

We also offer On-Line Training Videos 1 Year Subscription. You can find it under "Field Investigator training" tab in the store. It is a great option for our international members who cannot play US DVDs on their devices.

Field Investigator Manual (incl. Certification Exam done On-Line)
Our Price: $105.00

This is the hard copy version of the Field Investigator Manual printed on high quality paper and in full color! The unique spiral binding allows the manual to lie flat or fold for one handed viewing.
All of the Field Investigator training information is contained in this manual. MUFON members who purchase this manual will have access to an exclusive area of MUFON University where they will take the Certification Exam on-line.

Upon successful completion of the exam each FI trainee will be able to print a color Certificate pronouncing this achievement.

No more than 3 attempts to pass are allowed, after 3 failed attempts there is a 6 month wait period before attempting the exam again.

The test must be completed within 1 year with the score of at least 80%. Sorry, no refunds.
Field Investigator Training Best Value
Our Price: $199.00

1-year on-line subscriptions to the FI Certification Training Course, FI Manual, and FI Training Video Series (Orlando 2016) plus e-Journal access!

All in one bundle, this is the BEST VALUE if you plan to become MUFON Field Investigator! Read your E-journal or study for your FI exam anywhere from any computer, IPad or IPhone and even take your exam on-line. Save lots of time printing and mailing documents, Go green! This package contains the on-line version of the Field Investigator's Manual as well. Now you can bring your Field Investigator Manual with you when investigating a case (internet connection needed). Everything is high mobile and at your fingertips. PDF read only, not for printing.

- No more than three attempts to pass the certification exam are allowed.

- After 3 failed attempts there is a 6 month waiting period before attempting the exam again.
- The exam must be completed at MUFON University within 1 year with the score of at least 80%. Sorry, no refunds.

* Optional: Consider adding access to MUFON TV to receive a stream of fresh, new content, original UFO/ET related programming, and an ever-expanding library at your fingertips.