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Symposium 2014 Proceedings and DVD set bundle
Our Price: $150.00

Proceeding and DVD Set Includes:
  • Keynote Speaker: George Knapp: “Area 51 Whistleblower - 25 years later”
  • Roger Marsh on “Covering UFOs”
  • John Ventre on “Anderson Cooper and the Case for UFOs”
  • Lee Spiegel on “UFOs- From Cave Walls to Modern Reports to the United Nations and the Internet”
  • Dr Lynne Kitei on “Beyond the Phoenix Lights”
  • Stephen Bassett “Congressional UFO Disclosure”
  • Ben Hansen on “Media, Technology and Belief”
  • Bill Birnes on “UFO Hunters: Season One”
  • Linda Moulton Howe on “10,000 B.C. Gobekli Tepe & other Ancient Stone Structures - E. T. Terraforming?”
  • Paul Villadolid - "Hangar 1: The UFO Files"
PLEASE NOTE: Stanton Friedman, Press Coverage of Flying Saucers included in Proceedings
Paul Villadolid presented on Hangar 1, not included in the Proceedings

Entire 11 Presentations being given at the 2014 MUFON Symposium in Cherry Hill, NJ July 17-21

Symposium 2013 Proceedings and DVD set bundle
Our Price: $135.00

2013 MUFON Symposium Proceedings is a compendium of all of the Symposium Presentations.

11 DVDs 2013 Symposium (Las Vegas) speakers: Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Eric Davis, PhD, Paula Harris, Don Donderi, Ph.D., Davis Jacobs, PhD, Dr. Steven Greer, MD, Ron Westrum, PhD, Robert Powell, Albert Harrison, PhD, Ted Peters, PhD, Francois Louange, Phd
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2014 Symposium Speaker Paul Villadolid on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

Paul Villadolid - "Hangar 1: The UFO Files"
2014 Symposium Speaker John Ventre on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

John will discuss his experience appearing on the Anderson Cooper show
in April of 2012 and the proof of UFOs. Since becoming the Pennsylvania
State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, I decided that I had better
do some research and become a subject matter expert on UFOs. What I
found astounded me. The history of UFOs on earth goes back 47,000 years.
It can be traced through every  culture and every time period of our
“evolution”. I had heard of rock carvings, Nazca lines and ancient
aliens. What surprised me were the Renaissance paintings and biblical
connection to UFOs along with the many government documents regarding
UFOs. When confronted with this preponderance of evidence, you have to
ask why the U.S.  Government refuses to investigate, acknowledge or
discuss the existence of UFOs. Is it that they can’t or won’t? It is
obvious that their procedures to debunk and infiltrate and deny are
working. What aspect of this secret makes it above top secret? What is
the horrible truth that forces our Government to violate the
Constitution and misappropriate funds and lie to the public? With all of
that said if it is more comfortable to be a skeptic, at least be an
informed skeptic!
2014 Symposium Speaker Bill Birnes on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

Bill will discuss UFO Hunters season one which follows the team of
bestselling author Bill Birnes, former NASA physicist Dr. Ted Acworth,
and former US Army engineer Pat Uskert as they investigate UFO cases
around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled—and
their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims. Together,
they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents
recently released through the Freedom of Information Act, and footage
that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling—and
sometimes chilling—evidence of UFO phenomena. Bill will discuss
previously unseen documentary evidence and case details.
2014 Symposium Speaker Ben Hansen on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

Hansen's principal area of focus within ufology is media technology and different methods available to film and document UFO events. He will be talking about night vision and thermal cameras and the role of media technology in general and its relationship in bringing about a public acceptance and belief in UFOs. Is seeing really believing? Will video and film of UFO events bring about ultimate disclosure? Is there censorship over Hollywood and the media or an overall agenda? Hansen's law enforcement background has also given him significant experience in interviewing thousands of witnesses, victims, and perpetrators of criminal activity. Using his interviewing expertise, Hansen conducts trainings for UFO investigators to help those in the field to determine which cases are legitimate and which are most likely hoaxed. Hansen will share with us the findings of several compelling cases he's investigated both on and off his television show.

Ben Hansen is the lead host and investigator of the SyFy channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. With three seasons on the air, the show focuses on recreating videos and photos of alleged paranormal events to see if they have a natural explanation, were hoaxed, or if they remain unexplained. The six person team takes on cases of ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, chupacabras, mermaids, and other unusual occurrences.

Hansen graduated from the University of Utah and went to work investigating child physical abuse and sex crimes at the state level for several years before moving on to work for the FBI. He eventually landed in Hollywood, where he helped develop what would later become at hit paranormal show, Fact or Faked.

Hansen is a spokesperson for Bushnell's line of night vision equipment which can be found at When he's not filming, he travels the country lecturing, conducting public UFO and ghost investigating events, and developing new reality show projects.

2014 Symposium Speaker Lee Spiegel on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

For as long as humans have wondered about the world around them, there
have always been some sort of media organizations intent on sharing that
news. The famous slogan of the New York Times, "All The News That's Fit
To Print," is simply a more contemporary form of what was probably the
first media motto, "All The News That's Fit To Paint," which is what our
ancestors did on cave walls to depict the "news" that went on in their
day -- news that included painting circular objects in the sky. It's
clearly there, for us to see, on those well-preserved walls. How is the
media doing these days regarding the credible reporting of UFO stories?
Are we getting it right? Or are we contributing to the confusion and
ridicule that still abounds in UFOlogy? I will present the stories of my
own attempts at UFO disclosure, beginning with a unique documentary
record album I produced and wrote for CBS Inc. in 1975 called "UFOs: The
Credibility Factor." That will be a lead-in to the steps I took to get
the attention of the United Nations in 1978 about UFOs -- opening a
pathway to international UFO disclosure. I will also show how media --
the purveyors of news -- either just doesn't care about UFOs or doesn't
know how to credibly deal with the unexplained objects still operating
in our skies.
2014 Symposium Speaker George Knapp on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

George will discuss the mystery surrounding Area 51, 25 years after breaking the story and will provide never before heard details from Bob Lazar, the man who claimed to have worked on Extraterrestrial spacecraft at Area 51

George Knapp is the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV, where he has earned the highest honors in broadcast journalism, including the Peabody Award (twice), the Dupont Award from Columbia University, and 24 regional Emmy's. George is a weekend host of Coast to Coast AM, broadcast live on 550 radio stations throughout North America. He has also worked as a news anchor, newspaper columnist, and has taught debate and journalism at several universities. His 1990 multi-part series "UFOs: The Best Evidence" was cited by United Press International as Best Individual Achievement by a Journalist. He is co-author of "Hunt for the Skinwalker", a non-fiction book about the scientific investigation of a UFO/paranormal hotspot in Utah.

2014 Symposium Speaker Dr. Lynne Kitei on DVD
Our Price: $20.00

The 1997 AZ statewide mass UFO sightings, known worldwide as the
“Phoenix Light”, have been hailed as the most witnessed, most documented
and most important anomalous aerial events in Modern History. Not only
was there a parade of silent mile wide V formations of orbs and nine
different craft, witnessed by over 10,000 at low altitude for over a
dozen hours throughout Arizona, CA, New Mexico and Nevada, but the
real-time and long term effect on the witnesses themselves of these
Unexplained Phenomena (what Dr. Kitei calls UPs) is riveting. After
pushing her accomplished Medical career aside for the past 17 years
while meticulously studying the topic, as a scientist, physician and
first-hand experience, Dr. Kitei will share her authenticated
photographs, which to this day cannot be explained or denied, and go one
step further by delving into the intriguing “coincidences” and profound
impact that these anomalous phenomena are having on our consciousness
and evolution. As Dr. Kitei confirms, It is time we get this topic out
in the open – address it, accept it & study it – so we can find out
who is driving these things, as well as move forward in our own
2014 Symposium Speaker Roger Marsh on DVD
Our Price: $20.00