Inner Circle Donation

Our Price: $5,000.00

Thank you for your generous support.

This Inner Circle Level Donation includes:
• Access to MUFON Director’s annual conference call and sighting bulletins.
Access to MUFON Director’s live annual post symposium review, including speaker’s comments and personal insights shared with MUFON Director one on one.
Followed by 30 minute live Q&A session with MUFON director.
• Free admission the annual MUFON Symposium.
• Special reserved seating for two in MUFON Director’s section during MUFON Symposium.
• Lunch with Director and Keynote speaker at MUFON Symposium.
• Personal Photos with MUFON Director and Keynote Speaker at MUFON Symposium.
• Three (3) LIVE “Closed Door” conference calls with MUFON Director, soliciting your input regarding UFO Research and Public Awareness. Director will also share previously unpublished current UFO cases with information generally unknown by public or media.