Field Investigator's Boot Camp in Wickenburg, AZ - FOR CERTIFIED MUFON FIELD INVESTIGATORS ONLY

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Our Price: $350.00

MUFON is hosting another Field Investigator's Boot Camp in Wickenburg, AZ.
Are you interested in hands-on training with the best team? Sign up now! Participants will pay for their own travel, hotel and food (except lunch which will be provided). Please book your
stay directly with the HOTEL LOS VIAJEROS at Be sure to advise the hotel that you are with MUFON when you book your stay.

Training dates: TBD - October 2016
Training site: Chuck Modlin Desert Home
FREE Transportation from and to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Join your MUFON colleagues for hands-on intensive training that is designed to enhance your technical and leadership skills. Learn about radiation, magnetic effects, implants and trace
evidence; work with the instruments and amazing phone apps used to detect them. Hone your interview, trace collection and report writing skills.

Daily Schedule:
Attendees will be picked up at Sky Harbor Airport and transported to the hotel in Wickenburg. This leg of your journey will take 1ス - 2 hours at pre-set times. Do not purchase your flights
until after you have conferred with Vicki LeBlanc at
Wednesday- Saturday:
Your day will start with a light complimentary breakfast at the hotel (or at the Denny痴 next door). We値l let you know the night before what the departure time will be; we値l aim to leave
by 8:00 a.m. for our desert abode. Transport will be by two 15-passenger vans. Based on the feedback we received last time, FIs found it tiring to work in the hottest part of the day. We will, therefore, do the bulk of the field work on the various scenarios in the morning. We値l break for lunch, which will be provided. After lunch, we値l complete any unfinished work on the scenarios and retire to the shade. There will be a presentation by one or more of our trainers, followed by report writing. We値l also ask you to complete a short critique each day.
At the end of the day, approximately 5:00 p.m., we値l take you back to the hotel. After you致e had a chance to clean up, one or both of the vans will be available to take the group to a local restaurant for those who are interested.
Saturday, we値l return you and your newfound friends to Sky Harbor Airport at designated times.

Costs and additional details:
Space is limited to 30 participants - MUFON Certified Field Investigators only. Attendance does not automatically confer STAR Team or Field Investigator status.
Cost: $350.00
All inquiries are to be directed to Vicki by writing her at

Class is limited to 30 MUFON Certified Field Investigators. Attendance does not automatically confer STAR Team status.