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This is a 1 Year MUFON membership RENEWAL for existing members only.
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About MUFON TV add-on option:

MUFON.TV is the new media-centric hub for all things MUFON and beyond.

As you renew your membership, choose the enhanced options, so that you may MUFON TV as part of your overall membership experience.

New content coming in November exclusively for MUFON.TV members:

  1. An exclusive interview with Travis Walton, and a never before seen reenactment of his ordeal.

  1. Brand new, unpublished lectures from 2016 featuring Jaimie Massuan, , Jan Harzan, Mike Bara and more.

  1. In late November we will do our first MUFON on live TV broadcast where members all over the world conjoin us live at the studio here in LA where you may participate in chats catch up on the latest ET related news and just have a good time with your community.

We are building an awesome collection of exclusive ET-based materials that you won't find anywhere else. We invite you to become a member of MUFON TV and be a part of the Revolution.

MUFON TV is included in our new VIP or CLASSIC MUFON Membership Package. It is also available as a subscription-based service here for only $4.99 a month (paid annually).

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