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Welcome to the Official MUFON Storefront! Please take a little time to browse our shelves and see if there are any goodies you may be interested in. Happy shopping!

Are you one of the many looking for the truth about extraterrestrials and flying saucers? The Mutual UFO Network, also known as MUFON, is here for you. At our online store, you invest in our organization by purchasing great items like clothing, DVDs, books, and other items. We also give you the chance to join our organization, donate to help us continue to track recent UFO sightings, or even receive the training you need to become a field investigator. Just take a little time to browse our shelves to discover if there are any goodies you may be interested in!

MUFON is one of the world's oldest and largest organizations devoted to the investigation of recent UFO sightings, extraterrestrials, and flying saucers. We want to share our findings with the world, but we need your help to do it! By purchasing items from our store, you can help fund out organization. This is your chance to help prove that we are not alone in the universe.

MUFON mouse pad
Our Price: $8.00
UFOs Over Pennsylvania
Our Price: $20.00
iPhone 5 Case
Our Price: $3.00

Travel Mug Combo

Our Price: $20.00
Stainless Steel Travel Mug; Silver AND Green COMBO
With black MUFON logo; classic styling, 16 oz double wall, fits most vehicle cup holders; foam insulated.. Designed to keep liquids hot or cold for an extended amount of time. Not for use in microwave or dishwasher.